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 M O N T H L Y B L O G ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DECEMBER 2017 THROWING AWAY ART THAT WENT WRONG This is something I'm learning to do. I still find it harder than anything and it takes me a few days to move on and actually feel like attempting to paint or draw again but it is- when you look back- a positive step. Throwing a piece of art away, particularly one that you have planned out, spent countless hours over and worked hard to get right, is hard. But I have found on the few occasions that I have had to do it, it is strangely rewarding and in fact is often a turning point before a better piece comes out. The last time it happened I was painting a scabious flower and it started off well. I liked the composition, its colours and delicacy and thought it was near to being finished but then started to get stuck and couldn't get the angle or the shape of it right. I changed the composition several times, I stretched out petals, painted the centre over and over, changed the background and it still just grated on me whenever I looked it at. I thought I'd look at in the mirror to see if that shed any light but I'd gone into so much detail on so many parts that I just couldn't bear to paint over it. I then just decided, 'Right, that's it, enough, I'm throwing it out!' I picked it up, got some turps to rub out any trace of my name I'd put on the back and went outside. I stood it on the pavement against the railings with a sign on saying, 'Please take me!' Sheepishly hiding behind the curtains in my living room I peeked out and saw a man stop his car, jump out, smoothly lift the painting and place it carefully on the back seat of his car and away it sped. It was a strangely satisfying feeling. I felt a huge sense of relief. I have no idea what happened to the infamous 'Scabious'. Maybe that anonymous man still has the strange misshapen oil painting hanging up somewhere and might have even got some pleasure from looking at it. Equally he could have used it as firewood and burnt it. I'm not fussed. I was more delighted to be rid of it and hoping that sooner rather than later I would be ready to embark on my next painting, hopefully with a more successful outcome this time round. THIS MONTH I W A T C H E D....... 'The Miniaturist'. Based on the book by Jessie Burton which I read last year, there was a new two part series on BBC over Christmas. It was visually beautiful, set in Amsterdam in the 17th Century. The scenes were reminiscent of paintings by Vermeer and Rembrandt. My eyes were glued to the screen with all the rich fabrics, furniture and vivid colours and the tiny carved figures for the dollhouse are exquisite and incredibly detailed. It reminded me how fun Amsterdam is too, perfect for a weekend away. I went this time last year for New Years Eve. We ate at some delicious restaurants serving simple, clean food. The architecture is beautiful, right up my street. I'd love to own an Amsterdam canal house with their long elegant windows and impressive front doors, amazing. I L I S T E N E D T O....... I'm majorly into Spotify at the moment and love the mixes they put together for you based on what you listen to. A band I'm loving at the moment is Francis and the Lights. Listen to Friends ft. Bon Iver and Kanye West. Ham Francis and the Lights I V I S I T E D......... A first for the family this year, we went out for Christmas lunch. We stormed Ham Yard Hotel in Soho for the celebration. Have a look at my Instagram page -click on icon below- and you can see images I posted from the day. It's a super fun place to go, beautifully decorated by interior designer Kit Kemp with bars, restaurants, a bowling alley, cinema and spa. We were given almost our own room with a huge sofa, candles everywhere, a whole shelf of Christmas trees in glass domes and big chandeliers. For someone like me who's so visual it was incredible, I loved it and would highly recommend it. Ham Yard Hotel  R e c e n t B l o g P o s t s March | 'Intimacy of a Self-Portrait' February | 'Contemplation of a Flower' January | 'Childhood & Vivid Imaginations' December | 'Throwing Away Art That Went Wrong' November | 'The Creative Process' October | 'The New Craftsmen' September | 'The Italian Garden, Westonbirt'
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