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 M O N T H L Y B L O G ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOVEMBER 2017 THE CREATIVE PROCESS I always feel hugely grateful and appreciative when I sell a piece of my art. I like that it has struck a chord with someone and perhaps given them a feeling of connection. Sometimes it's a particular colour that has appealed to them, other times a combination of colours, a shape or just a feeling that it evokes. I have also begun to take it as a sign from the universe that I am on the right course and that a space has been created for me, giving me permission or a nudge to begin a new piece. The chance to paint again means I can allow my style to evolve as a natural process. I tend to start with a vague picture in my mind of how the piece will appear, but in a way it takes on a life of its own as I go along. When I reach the end and I'm finished, I can find myself looking at it as something I almost don't recognise with vague memories of parts I had worked on. I received an email the other day from a client who had bought two paintings- a peony and an iris- at an exhibition I was selling my work at quite a few years ago. She kindly attached photos for me to see and I was amazed at how my style had evolved over the years. I loved seeing them again, as if meeting my younger self and I was fascinated by how different the paintings I do now have become. I think the learning process must be the same for all creative forms, like learning an instrument, going from scales to playing a full tune and then after hours and hours of practice, and a bit of luck, a concert, preferably at the Albert Hall with a sell- out performance. But it's the feeling of being in the flow which is the greatest part. It comes and goes but when I do manage to hit the flow, time disappears and it's just me, the paint and the canvas. Of course there are other times when you struggle to get a particular shade of colour you're after and the proportions are all off. I find at this point listening to a good podcast, blasting out a song or just gritting my teeth and pushing through until I get back into the flow again are the best remedies. Sometimes abandoning the easel and getting some air is the only remedy and you just have to trust that you will find the flow again. Close up of the peony painting THIS MONTH I W A T C H E D....... 'Your Elusive Creative Genius' Elizabeth Gilbert at TED I L I S T E N E D T O.......(at full volume) ﷯ La Boheme, Puccini, Act I: O soave fanciulla, Luciano Pavarotti, Mirella Freni, Berlin Philharmonic I V I S I T E D......... 'Opera: Passion, Power and Politics at the Victoria and Albert Museum The Opera exhibition was in the new wing of the Victoria and Albert Museum where Stirling Prize winner, Amanda Kevete and her firm AL_A have created a beautiful tiled walkway covered with 11,000 porcelain tiles and interesting slices of handmade glazed tiles. Below lies an underground exhibition hall. I was lucky enough to be invited to a talk by the exhibition curator on the exhibition. We all sat in the beautiful brick and glass conference room in the basement. If you make the exhibition, make sure you get the headphones so you can be fully absorbed in the music while you learn about opera throughout Europe and the collaborative effort that takes place between the artists, designers and performers. Victoria and Albert Museum- Sainsbury Gallery


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