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 M O N T H L Y B L O G _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OCTOBER 2017 THE NEW CRAFTSMEN The New Craftsmen, tucked behind Oxford Street in London, is housed on the ﷯ground floor of a unique Arts and Crafts period building. It has been set up as an atelier and exhibition space where select British craftmakers are able to showcase and sell their work. Great emphasis is put on the understanding of process and the particular skill base behind each individual craft- something which satisfies an ever growing fascination with watching how something is made. The objects on sale have a beautiful simplicity to them, and each of the craftmakers have managed to bring their materials to life giving mostly traditional crafts a contemporary edge and freshness. The world of design is becoming more and more interested in the role of the artisan and in finding one-off, high quality pieces that have a heritage and timeless appeal. Lulu Lytle of Soane Britain recently bought the last surviving rattan weaving workshop and has revived the craft designing new and original pieces of design. Crafts showcased at the New Craftsmen include textiles, ceramics, carpentry, sculpture, furniture-making, ceramics, jewellery and glassware. I've selected some of my favourite stand out pieces below: Sebastian Cox | Furniture Design | Wood The 'Bayleaf Armoire' made from plane and woven sycamore with glazed doors and the scorched chestnut and ash 'Shake' sideboard with leather handles. The Bayleaf Armoire | Source: Sebastian Cox The 'Shake' sideboard | Source: The New Craftsmen Georgia Kemball | Textiles | Mohair & Merino Wool I love the softness and gentle colour palette of Georgia Kemball's throws. They'd make great wallhangings too. Pale pink and gold luxury mohair and merino throw | Source: The New Craftsmen Source: World of Interiors Michael Ruh | Glassware A beautiful hand-blown glass carafe in neon yellow and a pair of soft pink champagne flutes Hand-blown carafe with glasses Pair of champagne flutes Glass Jars (as seen at Makers House) Source: The New Craftsmen Source: The New Craftsmen 
 Silvia K | Ceramics Inspired by folk traditions and peasant artefacts, Silvia K makes simple but beautiful terracotta tableware. You can see the hand-painted marks on every piece. The platters are finished off with tanned British leather handles. Terracotta tableware with glaze | Source: SilviaK The New Craftsmen meets Burberry ﷯Recently Burberry turned their LFW runway venue off Soho Square into "Makers House', a collaboration with The New Craftsmen which showed the creative processes behind the fashion brand with a series of workshops and installations. A pointed hand led us into an italianate garden, complete with busts and a painted palazzo facade and then through huge glazed doors into a hub of activity. I watched apprentices from the Royal School of Needlwork carefully embroider bees onto muslin; the calligrapher, Rosalind Wyatt hand-writing on prints; Thomas Merrett sculpting a body from clay- mesmerising to watch- and some patchworking by Rachel Scott from the Royal College of Art. Before we left, we sat down for some green tea and had to watch an egg timer run down for 3 minutes to ensure ideal brewing time- made all the difference! ﷯ ﷯ Royal School of Embroidery + Calligraphy Thomas Merrett | sculpture 'Handmade' on BBC Four A series on BBC Four called 'Handmade' is completely meditative to watch if you're interested in craft making and watching the process unfold. Neil Burton, turner at Wedgewood | BBC Four
The New Craftsmen | London
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