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 M O N T H L Y B L O G ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SEPTEMBER 2017 THE ITALIAN GARDEN, WESTONBIRT Described by Art Historian, Sir Roy Strong as 'one of England's best kept secrets', the Italian Garden hidden behind Westonbirt School is open to the public between school terms. The day we went, we were the only people there and felt like characters from Brideshead wandering around in the late afternoon sunshine. Maybe because it was so quiet, or because the low light of late summer was casting its long shadows, but somehow the garden had a magical crumbling feel to it - the elaborately carved stone benches were covered in moss, the lake bed was dry and the pond fountains switched off. On the far side of the garden was the more manicured stone-edged parterre, unexpectedly bursting with colour. Two italianate temples stood in the corners with mosaic floors and oculi opened to the sky. The borders were lined with bright orange dahlias, tropical canna, thistles and a fuschia flowered plant that smelt delicious but which I now can't find the name of. Westonbirt is best known for its arboretum but if you're planning a trip make sure you tie it in with the Italian Garden on the opposite side of the road. Right, I'm off to paint dahlias x
The Fountain Pond Mosaic floors in one of the temples Oculi windows
The Fernery
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